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The freshly prepared meal has its own taste and quality same is the situation with the bread. The freshly prepared loaf of the bread has its own taste and quality. The recent invention of the bread machine has made it easy to make the fresh bread at home whenever the person wants to eat it. There is no need to rush towards the bakery, just mix the ingredient and enjoy the soft fresh bread.

Bread making process in bakeries.

Bread making procedure is one of the oldest procedure. The steps involved in making bread is a trick and minor mistakes can affect the taste and quality of the bread. So the expert can take care in each and every step so that the person enjoying eating bread. Manually, it is the time taking procedure and involves the following steps.

  • Mixing

In the first step, all the ingredients that include flour, salt, yeast, sugar and water mixed together to form the dough.


The dough is kneaded to make it stretchy and elastic so that the proper mixing of the ingredients occur and the loaf can rise well to form the accurate bread.

  • Rising

After kneading, the next process to give time to the dough to set. The dough is placed in a warm place so that it get a rise for proper bread formation.

  • Knocking of dough

To get a better loaf, some bakers knock out the air from the dough and again allow the dough to raise.

  • Baking

After that, the raised dough is allowed to bake at accurate temperature for a specific time to get fresh and soft bread.

Automatic bread machine working.

The manual procedure was first used in bakeries now the commercial as well as domestic based bread machines are available. Automatic bread machine has made the bread making process simple and easy. It does all the procedure with the help of its calibrated system.  The machine has a tub or bowl in which the mixture is set for bread making. The axle is attached to the bottom which is connected to the electric motor. The axle is so made that bread mixture do not pass inside the machine.

Working of machine

The bread machine works automatically. The user simply has to add measured ingredients into the bowl of the bread machine. The tin or bowl is tan attached to the machine with the axle and then the machine is set according to the crest color requirement.

Some machine has a transparent lid that can help the person to view the bread situation while others have a digital timer that tells about the remaining time.

The machine starts operation first by doing kneading of the ingredients. After the complete kneading procedure, the oven present inside the Best bread machines will automatically start and the baking of the bread starts. And after the time set the machine will beep and the hot fresh bread is ready to serve. Although the machine is automatic, but recipe books present with the bread machine  help the person to make bread with a variety of tastes .

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