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Vacations are the best part of the year which one may look forward to in the humdrum of the busy schedules and routines. Although everyone wants to take time off their busy lives, not everyone can afford to have a luxurious vacation. Therefore finding the vacation rentals or vacation homes within your budget is most important while planning a vacation. Here is a guide where one may find best and cheaper (within budget) vacation home rentals and spend best leisure time without spending a lot of money.

  • Malaysia: Here is one place with a rich cuisine for food lovers and very affordable accommodations and vacation rentals and Airbnb. Not only is the place rich in food but also in its cultural heritage. One doesn’t regret visiting the country especially when it is so much affordable.
  • Xian, China: China is a big country with even bigger population, however; Xian is a place for a valuable vacation. The travel and food is very cheap, and vacation homes are affordable to find. It is a history stricken city, and one finds the historical monuments very interesting here.
  • Barcelona, Spain: the city of bars is no doubt a fair place for those who would love to spend less and get good drinking stuff. The city is a treat for dollar spending persons as it deals in euros and the currency exchange rates make it much more affordable for dollar users.
  • Thrace, Turkey: Thrace region stretches from Istanbul towards the north-west area between the Black Sea and the Aegean Seas. It has the influence of both, the cultures of Bulgaria as well as Greece. This makes it an attractive site for tourists and vacation lovers. What makes it even more attractive is the budget friendliness of the area.
  • Metro Manilla, Philippines: Manila is a cosmopolitan area with the busy routine lifestyle of its dwellers. However, Metro Manilla is a relatively quieter and better place for vacation. The Philippines although are one of the best sites for vacation in South East Asia. Although the affordability is not as much as its neighbouring countries, it is undoubtedly one of the best vacation sites and better regarding budget as compared to other countries.
  • Phuket, Thailand: The Island is rich with beautiful sceneries and beaches. An even more attractive feature is its budget friendliness. Here you may find many better vacation rentals at cheaper rates compared to other places.
  • Hungary: One of the cheapest European cities is rich in historic heritage and influence of World War II. Accommodation, food and other necessities are extremely cheap as compared to other European countries.

Puerto Rico:  Abundant Airbnb rentals and vacation homes are found in the area. The local food is also very cheap. Flights are cheaper too. Island hopping and fishing is the best activity for kids and teens. Thus Puerto Rico is also one of the best vacation sites if you are planning for a budget friendly vacation.

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